Fair and Inclusive  

The council is committed to being a fair and inclusive employer and service provider to the city. This means all staff must understand their role in understanding diversity within the workplace and community, and how they embed equality and inclusion in everything they do.

Learning and Development is one of the workstreams of the Fair and Inclusive Action Plan, our response in particular to racial inequality and disability discrimination.

Our Learning and Development offer

Anti-Racism and White Privilege 
Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Briefings (mandatory for all BHCC staff) 


Featured eLearning - The impact of micro-behaviours
Inclusion Essentials
Inclusive Leadership
Unconscious Bias
Reasonable Adjustments
Tackling Race Bias
Virtual Recruitment
Personal Development Planning
Neurodiversity in the workplace
All other eLearning 

Free Future Learn course - Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the Workplace
Explore why cultural diversity matters in the workplace and how multicultural teams can benefit your organisation. This is a free course, via Future Learn.

Bespoke Learning and Development
This can be arranged for teams and services based on need. Please contact your Learning and Development Team or Equalities contact or Andrew Parfitt or further support.


A modern approach to learning and development emphasises self-education and recognises that not all development is accessed through formal methods such as training or eLearning. This could be simply learning from day to day experiences,asking questions, reading, tv shows, podcasts, webinars, shadowing etc.

Our Equalities Team have created a list of resources that might help us all develop our thinking about race, racism and anti-racism.  It’s not an exhaustive or exclusive list and it reflects a wide range of views, some from this country, some from elsewhere. We’ve included different media and different voices, all of which can build up our knowledge. Let us know if you have seen any others.

Have a look at the resources

And check out these great videos from CIPD on building an anti racist and compassionate workplace.

How to find out more, report concerns and get support

If you observe or experience a member of staff speaking or behaving inappropriately towards you or another colleague you can respond, where you feel able, in a number of ways. 

Check out the Wave page for more details.